Sunday, 30 May 2010

The 10 Facebook Commandments

Facebook is a very social site. Every society has its own rules and regulations so I shall give my view on what I think is a decent way to act on Facebook. Also the sun was out and , since I don't use you proper lighting, you can see when the sun goes behind the clouds.

Boring Night Epic Music

Sticking with the current theme of music videos this latest video is all about how a boring night can be made a bit more interesting with epic music. This is one of the most overplayed song in the world however remains as one of the top epic songs.

Epic music can't save everything and this video is still, boring. However if you like the music then it may appear less boring. Prepare!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Facebook: The Death of Privacy

Over the last decade people have started doing things differently. The vast majority of people are now posting the everyday details of their life online. Tweeting, status updates and blogs are now filling up the internet like dead flies in a bad restaurant. The latest scandal is suggesting that all this data people are freely choosing to upload about themselves, on certain sites, is now being used to try and sell them things as well as being handed out to anyone who's willing to pay enough for it.

The internet is for sharing and nothing else. When you fill in something online your details are stored with a strong chance being that someone else somewhere will look at them. Sites like Facebook use your information as a commodity. Rather than paying for Facebook with your hard earned cash you pay for it by submitting details about yourself and allowing them to follow your everyday life.

When I post something online I realise that everyone may see it. I put my name to everything and try not to post things online that I wouldn't like people to see. I am completely open when it comes to storing information about myself online and avoid posting things that I wouldn't like people to know about me. That way, for me, privacy online isn't an issue.

It took me a while to see what people were complaining about when it came to Facebook. I saw the first articles about Facebook 'Exposing Everyone's Secrets' which didn't really explain fully why people were so angry but more why people should delete their Facebook account. I have finally found out that the anger was over changing some of the privacy settings and some conditions about third parties being able to access data, which they have now changed. Is that really a big deal?

As much as the newspapers and general ignorance of the media like to throw about accusations and slander to sell papers or get more views your privacy on Facebook remains practically intact. On a website that exists for the sole purpose of sharing information about people it does appear to be a bit ironic that people who have signed up for the website don't want to share their information. The only items of data that can be seen by everyone is your profile picture, name, gender and networks which shouldn't be an issue for most people.

Facebook have said they do not sell your data to other companies and all is kept internal. The only place they use your data is by directing more relevant advertising to you on the Facebook website, which doesn't cause anyone any harm and actually provides a better experience for the person using Facebook.

One key advantage of this was when I was leaving high school I was getting advertisements about leavers hooded tops which we were looking at buying. This made us more aware of the companies that provide the service we require. People shouldn't feel any less of a human being if an advert persuades you to buy something. There does appear to be a phobia online to adverts where people think they shouldn't click them when really they could be offering you a service you require.

Even if Facebook did sell on your data it still wouldn't bother me.  Facebook is an incredible website that I use everyday to see what my friends are doing, chat to them and helps us organise events and days out. It allows people to join online communities as well as being a place where you can share all your interests and the cool things you find online. Don't fear your data being shared. Just make sure you aren't stupid enough to start putting information about yourself online that you don't want people to see.

For a full view of Facebook's privacy settings explained click here.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

How to Create Looping Music

Music is amazing. It has the ability to turn something that is completely boring into something interesting. It can stand alone or also work as part of a video. When creating a piece of looping music the first thing you need to do is record your samples.

When recording music you have to make sure that your samples are in time. When I started mine I used the dropping ball on my iPhone to keep in time. Since I was doing it all in one take, and in a bit of a rush, I only managed to get up to four different parts. When you are making your own music the best way to do it is to follow this process:

1. Record a part
2. Put it over what you already have
3. Think about what beats will sound good over the top

This way it gives you more control and a better sense of how your piece is going to sound.

Software you can use to do this is very varied. I used my video editing software which allows me to overlay different tracks of music. Software such as Audacity enables you to sync lots of different sounds together and create a more structured sounding song, and it's free. However if you want to also record video over the top you will have to make sure it keeps in time with your actions.

To create this style of music isn't particularity hard and has a million different possibilities. Anything can sound good when it is sampled and edited together. As you get better you might think about investing in software such as Fruity Loops which enables you to create a whole range of songs, as well as being able to autotune different sounds to make them sound with each other perfectly.

The next step is to start adding harmonies and melodies, or using sounds you have recorded and autotuning them to sound how you want them to. Don't fear and give it a go. The learning curve isn't that steep and experience counts for everything.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Why Soundtracks are Important!

Music is always important but is often overlooked when it comes to films. This video is all about why it is important to keep music in videos and not to disregard it completely. It features a lot of different soundtracks from many different films so keep your ears open if you can recognise any.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

YouTube: HD Wall feat., iPhone Apps and Guitar

Instead of writing a new article, which I am going to at some point this week, I decided to make a wall with lots of things I found around my room. It was fun to make and thought I would make a video about it and thank some people who have put my videos on their site. Mainly the people who make the LaDiDa app who rock.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

YouTube: Guitar Zero to Guitar Hero

Over the last week I have invested in a HD camera and a stand meaning each video I do now will be top quality. As well as making my videos better quality, I am also spending more time editing and writing each one to make them a bit more interesting and fun.

This video is a parody about people who spend too much time on guitar hero and enjoy mastering every song. I was once like this until I finally came to my senses. Enjoy


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