Thursday, 29 April 2010

Saturday, 24 April 2010 Ask Me Anything!

Where do you live? What's that smell? What are you doing with my sister?

The above sentences are all questions. By asking questions we learn more about the world and the people we know, or it just creates more questions which lead us to discover that we actually knew less than we did in the first place, or does it?

People enjoy asking and answering questions. For the people that want to find out facts about their friends, family members or any random stranger there is now a solution. Form Spring gives you the chance to set up your own account where people can ask you any question their heart desires. ANY QUESTION.

There are many websites and services that try and offer this kind of feedback however this is the most simple and easy to use out of them all. Facebook tries to offer it's solution with services that ask you questions and post them to your friends wall when you answer, but some of these they require you to pay money or fill in surveys to find out people's answers. Not to mention having to give that application access to all your Facebook details. You can connect your Facebook account to this site for a much easier way for people to ask and answer questions or simply make a Form Spring account

Form Spring allows you to set up a web-page where you can give the option to people with accounts or anyone to ask you questions. Another nice feature of the site is that it's completely ad-free meaning no irritating banner or pop up ads to ruin the experience. It is good that the site doesn't have ads but as the site increases in popularity it will most likely have to introduce ads to pay for itself. This is not a bad thing and it's what keeps online services free, like this site.

You can find your friends and check out their profiles by adding them as friends and get updates on their form. You can also search for friends by their name. If you realise you have no real friends or people don't ask you questions there is also the 'ask yourself a random question' feature which can make it look like people are interested in you when really no one is. I may find myself using this feature a lot.

For a hassle free way of answering questions asked by fans or friends check out the site at
Add me as a friend
See more funny Form Spring Q&As at

Saturday, 17 April 2010

YouTube: CopperCab Remix Video

Recently CopperCab, the supposed YouTube ginger activist, started to interest me. Fair play to the guy he has some points and some things he say make sense. However due to his utter lack of common sense and idiocy he is really not the right guy to do this. This also shows how you can take something someone says and put it out of context. It's what YouTube is made for. South Park is a joke. They insult everyone but this guy can't seem to get it.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Daily Booth: Upload Your Daily Photos

People upload pictures. This is now a fact of life but how often do you share your pictures? In fact if you take pictures practically everyday, or think you could using your iPhone, blackberry or web-cam, then there is a new site available for people who want to just upload picture after picture of themselves.

Daily Booth is a site where people are encouraged to upload at least one photo a day to the Daily Booth universe. It's like Twitter, in the way that you can follow and comment on other people photos, but with a greater focus on photos and sharing. The thing that sets this site apart is that all your photos are shared with everyone else's. When you upload a picture it goes into a live stream where people can see it the second you upload it. 

A lot of people watch the stream and comment on what they see, meaning with each picture you upload there is a strong chance someone will comment on it and a definite chance people will see it. You can also respond using photos and direct a message at someone by putting their name like @timoto, the same way Twitter does. The community idea of the site is fun which allows people to follow who they think is interesting or people they may know. Half the fun is finding other interesting people to follow on the site.

There are still however some obvious floors. Since it's new there are a few glitches that prevent the site from being completely perfect. Occasionally pictures don't upload or save when you take them on your web-cam. When uploading from a phone it can be slow, or at least it was with my iPhone. I still recommend you try it out, especially if you enjoy taking lots of pictures. This could be one of the next big things but the only way to see is by everyone giving it a chance.

While trying to test it out I did upload quite a large amount of pictures. Hopefully I will be able to keep it up. Follow me at

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

This Makes No Sense?

'In Order to Understand the world, one has to turn 
away from it on occasion.'

YouTube: The Game List

Videos are simply lots of pictures put together with music played over the top. So as an attempt to make a video by using pictures I took a picture of every game I could find in my house and put music over the top. Probably a less original idea but I try to keep it interesting with annotations.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Yotube: Horror Music

I thought to make another piece of piano music because it was easy and didn't take too much time to do. Also because after my last music video some musicians subscribed. I suggested in an earlier video that I intend to make a horror video for Youtube so this is me playing about with some ideas for the music.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Over Kill Music Video

This was initially meant to be the end of a vlog post but after realising it was a bit too long I thought I would upload it by itself. This is completely parody. I set out attempting to be as geeky as possible and in a way succeeded. Transformers + Nintendo Poster + Classical Muisc = Geek.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Youtube: Interesting Facts About the UK

This is another new style of video. I have actually used a script in this one. Consequently it took quite a long time to film compared to the others. I also tried out some fun effects in this one as well. Will be interesting to see what people think of this video compared to the last few. This is the second video now without me actually eating or drinking anything in it. I did have a popcorn bowl by the side though.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

YouTube: A Vlog a Day Keeps the Trolls Away

This is my first proper attempt at doing a walking around video blog. Watching it back this is probably my best video so far for editing and general tone. I do think the end went on a bit too long however it is a vast improvement on the first go.

What is a Blogger?

If I was to tell you I was a blogger what would you automatically assume? Blogging can take many forms and still has no proper definition. Wiktionary takes a stab at trying to define it as:

Derived from blog or web log, an online journal generally updated very often.

They do not provide a definition of web log, but you would assume that it's people talking about their every day lives, like a journal. However many blogs take completely different forms to this initial definition. For example, if you look at this blog there is a whole array of content with very little about me personally, most of the time. A better example would be the news blogs out there that focus only on informing people of the latest news and events.

Many newspapers also describe that they have a blog but this has nothing to do with people writing about their lives. The term is currently being very loosely used, describing anyone who writes anything online. A micro-blog is a lot easier to describe. Someone who updates a short statement possibly about themselves or something they have noticed. However, defining a blogger is far from easy.

People write online. What is the difference between someone who writes an editorial piece or a blog? In a way, if you count blogs as someone who writes about their life, they are the exact same thing. Taking into account though that editorial does sound a lot more professional to a blog. Is by saying your a blogger a way to dumb down what you really are, so you can sell it to the masses?

An informed person would be able to tell everyone who writes online you would not  be classed as a blogger but a lot of people do. This calls for more specific kind of terms on what can be described as a blogger. Someone who writes articles on topics they have researched is a journalist. Someone who writes about their life is writing editorial pieces. Someone who is on Facebook uploading pictures and details about themselves does not appear to fall under that category of a blogger.

Blogging currently burns down right through the middle of social media services and people's own personal and creative work. A social media user is not described as a blogger but as a user of the site. However if I  write about my details and upload pictures on here I become a blogger.

We live in a strange time with many definitions of words flying around. It is hard to say what is what or who is who any more. The word blogger should be scrapped from dictionaries. The connotations still make people think of a boring person who writes their own opinion on things but blogging can far exceed that. Are you a blogger? 

Monday, 5 April 2010

My Creme Egg Challenge

How do you eat your cream eggs? My YouTube experiment continues, this time with videos linking in to each other. It will be interesting to see whether this attracts more people to subscribe. I am more interested in how people find the videos. For example will they click one of the video parts or the main lead video the most. Who knows. Maybe I'll even get more subscribers! My editing is still pretty shocking.

Forever Connected

Currently you are connected to millions of computers all over the world. If someone wanted to they could check where you live, who your talking to and what sites you visit. If you own a smart phone the likelihood is that you are constantly connected to everyone you know, as well as everyone on the world wide web, every minute of every hour of every day. With people becoming ever more reliant on these machines it now makes it practically impossible for people to disconnect.

An obscene amount of people will check their Twitter, Facebook and Email around twenty times a day. How is this affecting society as a whole? As people demand more information faster their attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter. Why is a tweet is only 140 characters long? Because people don't have the time to read anything of such mundane details for a long amount of time. With the huge amount of content people consume every day the only way Twitter could fit in this bulging market is by making it easy to read and quick to update.

The iPhone and other smart phones are changing the way we connect with people we do, and don't, know. The human race is no longer condemned to sit at their computer to update their status or send emails. You can now be practically anywhere in the world and send out a Tweet, mark your location, control your computer at home and even upload photos. Computing is moving out of our studies and into every little aspect of our lives.

Computers are only going to get more powerful as time goes on and as they do the way we consume media is going to change. First we started to message people online, then we started to shop online and now we use it as an active link to friends allowing them to access the details of your everyday life. The vast majority of people now have an online profile about who they are and what they do.

With people constantly connected to others online and systematically receiving updates about their friends how can you be expected to disconnect? People are becoming ever more reliant on technology and as a result find it harder and harder to cut off their link to the online world. People pay to be connected to the internet all the time so they make sure they aren't missing out the latest news or facts. If you miss an important email that might be something job related then it could even affect your career prospects. Time waits for no man.

Staying online is no longer a luxury but a necessity. In this ever changing world of high speed internet and the hunger for people wanting to consume ever increasing amounts of information we are speeding towards a world which everyone will be connected to each other. What industry is going to make the next big transition to the internet? In five years time how will our online behaviours change? If you can be the one to answer these questions and follow through with your own ideas then you may become the next Mark Zuckerberg. Don't fall down the rabbit hole.

Saturday, 3 April 2010


Alcohol is the most fun depressant to take in this day and age. Not only does alcohol make you depressed in the long run, but unlike other drugs you can enjoy it sensibly. You can't smoke or take heroine sensibly, making ethanol your safest bet. Alcohol is currently one of the most socially acceptable drugs on the earth but how is society changing towards it and how has it affected my own life?

My own personal experience with alcohol has been a very mixed one. Starting at a young age, I have always been aware of it's effects and purpose. I remember starting to go out and drink with my friends when I was 13 years young. We would buy extra strong cider and drink it in the park. If you knew the right people you could get hold of it within minutes.

As we turned 14 bars and clubs seemed a lot more appealing. These were places where you could get drunk and no one would judge you, as well as being hidden deeper from the police. The one hurdle stopping us was the fact we had no identification. We heard that someone was selling them in the city so we travelled there to find this person. We found a man in a dark part of the city where people would go to buy weapons and sex toys. "How much for an ID?" I naively asked. The gentleman of the street told me it would cost ten pounds each but he would do all five of us for £45. We paid him.

Now these IDs weren't trying to intimidate any existing forms of identification. If my memory serves me right the only thing genuine looking about them was the picture, which the man had taken of my face in front of table sheet hung on a brick wall, and the card it was printed on. They simply say ID on them and consisted of a fake name and date of birth. We treated each ID like it was the most precious thing we owned, with every time they worked in a bar or club increasing in value.

The first time I went clubbing in the city was when I turned 15. We went into the city and found a way into a major club based in the city centre. Noticing it had no bouncer on me and my friend decided to sneak in through a door round the back. We crept in slowly making sure that none of the bar staff noticed us. After running down the corridor we came up to another door which had to be unlocked to get through. I slowly turned the lock quietly and under the disguise of the loud music we walked in unnoticed. Unfortunately as we got to bar we got asked for ID but luckily they believed our fake ones. We stayed in there drinking and dancing till the early hours of the morning when my friends parent came to pick us up from round the corner. Adrenaline and excitement pumped through my veins all that night, as well as the alcohol.

As I got older I started to drink heavily more frequently. When I was 17 I used to go out in my local town and occasionally go into the city to enjoy the deals being offered by the student bars. Drinking was fun and always will be for me but I wouldn't have classed myself as an alcoholic. Even then I felt I could stop at any time and the only reason I was drinking was because it was fun and there wasn't much else to do. As my experience with alcohol matured so did the amount of fights I could boast about competing in.

Now days I go out far less, and tend to get completely drunk only around once a month rather than the repetitive drinking I did while I was 17.  The effects are still noticeable from that time of my life such as  particularity bad grades and scars. One of the main reasons I think I drank so much is because I didn't fit in as well. I still can't enjoy a nightclub or bar sober. For me it is impossible. However this feeling is dwarfed by the amount of pleasure I get from loosing all thoughts of worry and self-conciousness while being intoxicated. Nothing can replace the adrenaline rush I used to get of sneaking in somewhere without getting caught and being able to hide there. That's what made it fun for me. The sense of accomplishment and the fun surrounding it. Now the only thing we can focus on is the drinking part.

Under-age drinking is rapidly changing in society. No longer can you use fake documents to get into clubs in the UK. Official documentation is now required and any fake ID can now be taken off you and handed to the police. The government is also cracking down on stopping shops selling to under age kids which has involved closures of some stores in my area. In the time I have been living in England there has definitely been a significant change in the availability of alcohol for under age people. The one thing preventing alcohol from being consumed less by younger people is the image. Alcohol is still portrayed as a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone and consistently provides people with a good nights out. Why shouldn't it be? Is that not what alcohol is all about?

Alcohol is still a fun time out and it's only a minority of people who drink become addicts. It is now deeply embedded in young culture and a favourite past-time of many adults. If alcohol was not the drug everyone was doing at the moment then it would easily be something else. The image is now embedded in each teenager that drinking is cool and with a society forcing kids to become adults quicker it's pressuring more of them to turn to alcohol, like I did. As I was an under-age drinker once I still feel there are many kids out there that do it today for the same reason I did those years ago, for the kicks.

Everyone has their own experiences with alcohol. For me it was a fun part of my life which lead me on to meet a lot of the people I know today. My own experience is still not over and I still have a long time to work out how alcohol is going to shape and define me as a person. Hopefully I won't turn into an alcoholic. I personally I don't think it's possible. Even when I was drinking heavily I have never used alcohol to cure nerves but to release myself from worries and fit in. Everyone understands how great it is being care free however as I have got older that excitement I used to feel has rapidly decreased. I have only been eighteen for six months.

My First Vlog - Aliens Attack Chocolate Soundtrack

Yes, I made a vlog. Don't judge me. This is my first ever attempt at making a proper vlog so obviously it is going to be pretty poor. I don't make a lot of sense and the majority of the parts aren't clear. However a start is a start and hopefully if I ever make a second one it will be a bit better and more interesting than this one.

I think I followed all of my own vlog rules apart from using a Mac. Hopefully I can actually follow most of my own rules rather than being a complete failure.


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