Wednesday, 31 March 2010

How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

I Hate YouTube
Don't you dare make a YouTube video. I'm warning you its bad news. Nothing good ever came of YouTube and everything on it is awful. Who wants to listen to boring opinions and stupid songs written by people who can't get record deals because they sound worse than children singing at a nativity play. Don't get me started on the persistent leaches that get popular by copying other people’s songs and stealing ideas to get famous, the selfish unoriginal scum.

I Love YouTube
YouTube is the best way to express your own personal and creative side. People are able to share with the world their own creative ideas without having to pay. In the last five years YouTube has had a massive response of people creating their own video ideas including vlogs, music and parodies providing the world with hours of completely free entertainment. People now make money by making YouTube videos which not only ups the quality but adds an extra incentive for you to be the next big YouTuber since iJustine.


How are you going to become the next big thing on YouTube? Currently we live in the jump cut era where people can edit out their own charismatic mistakes and make it look like they have comic timing and wit. Personally I watch a ridiculous amount of YouTube videos every day including some of the worst and the best content out there.

After spending more than a month of my life only watching videos I would now like to share some of my tips on how to get noticed. Personally, I haven't the patience yet to have a genuine go at making content but here are some tips on what the rest of the YouTube community tend to be doing.

1. Make Everything Perfect

There is a lot of content on YouTube and to be the best you have to compete with the best. Video Quality needs to be at a relatively good standard and audio quality is just as important. Never upload any unedited footage to YouTube unless it is just a man falling out of a tree or something else fail related. If everything looks nice then you are giving your viewers more focus on you. If you have lots of background noise or bad quality video people will tend to focus more on that rather than the actual topic of the video.

2. Be Original, Sometimes

When someone watches a vlog then they usually know what to expect. Arguably the next big phase isn’t going to be like the style of videos that we see today. To get noticed you to be in touch with the current trends by watching the other big channels and be able to introduce some new ones. The typical jump-cut format which I keep going on about is a good way to start. As much as people like new things they also like things to feel common and be able to relate to them. When making your own video try and make your own unique format otherwise you may end up in the cesspit of Fail Blog.

3. To the Point

Your average video on YouTube tends to be around 3 minutes. People’s attention spans are not as long as they once were so if someone clicks on your video in the related videos section then they will most likely stop watching after the first ten seconds if they don’t like it. You have to grab people’s attentions immediately to make it look like you have something worthwhile to show or say. Don’t spend time introducing yourself. Create a video which is for introducing yourself if people click your channel. Don’t do it before a specific video on another topic.

4. Spread the Word

Finding a fan base and people to regularly watch your videos can be hard. Asking people you already know to watch and support your videos is the easiest way to get your own subscribers up initially. When you post a good video and people go to your channel to see whether you have any other good videos, it’s far more appealing to someone who can see other people have subscribed to your channel rather than looking like a loner. Even I have 6 subscribers from one video and a play-list of 2010 film trailers.

5. Comments Count, Ratings Matter

Practically all of the big YouTube stars have comments telling people to rate their videos five stars and encourage people to comment even though they will probably do it anyway. Ratings and comments are important and by encouraging other people to comment and post responses you will encourage the amount of views you get. Viewer participation is central.

6. Regularly Upload

People don't usually subscribe when there is only one video on a channel. This may seem obvious but regular updates is the only way people are going to start watching you if you intend to start a vlog or web series. It is still possible to get followers off one video if people want to see more of you and your first video is absolutely brilliant. One example being the recent 'Chat Roulette Piano Guy'.

7. Keep Your Video Ideas Written Down

Coming up with ideas for a blog is exactly the same as finding ideas for a video. Always keep your ideas either written down or on your phone. You will get ideas at the most random times of the day and they are always worth writing down for those times that you can't think of an idea and gives you a lot more content than you would initially have. Writing something down will make sure you remember your good ideas, however, remember to be specific about the context of your ideas. Recently I wrote one down called 'Justin Biber kicked my cat' and I have no idea of what context it was meant to be in or what made it a good idea.

8. Use a Mac

The majority of successful people on YouTube all appear to be using Macs to edit their videos. I guess it is because iMovie is so easy to use but this isn't a must do step. There is just as good software availing for the PC and Linux but iMovie is still a very good piece of software and easy to use.

YouTube is the big thing at the moment. With more and more people making videos standing out is never going to be an easy task. Becoming successful, and potentially a YouTube partner, will involve spending a lot of time working on videos and there will be lows and highs. If you can stick it out then you to may even become more qualified than me to give advice. Go for it!

Monday, 29 March 2010

The Blogger's Guide to Life Online

The e-book is now finished. It contains three new articles plus some of the older articles from the site. The e-book is free to download for everyone and distribute it as you wish. Normal writing and posting will now commence. Thanks for the patience.

Download the E-book here.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Fast Food Slows You Down

Fast food makes you unhealthy, fat, slow and fills you full of chemicals your body could do without. The real problem with fast food is that it tastes so god dam good, making the decision whether to buy the latest K.F.C or Mcdonalds meal a tough choice. To be fair to mankind, most people do tend to think in the short run. We don't always think about where our food comes from. If an average person notices that a Mcdonalds is near by and easy to get to they will probably choose to eat there rather than going to the store, buying some ingredients and then preparing a healthy low fat boring dish.

If you eat too much of it, fast food does have the potential to kill you but should you be allowed to sue them? Some people at the larger end of the weight spectrum have attempted to sue Mcdonalds because they have eaten too much and become hideously overweight. Are these companies to blame for those people getting so fat they can no longer walk? With advertising campaigns pleading people to eat their food they do encourage it but do they outline the risks of eating too much? Fast food isn't all bad and can be eaten every now and again as part of a healthy diet. There is no way that these larger people couldn't know that eating too much would damage their health. The shocking truth is that most of these people have their parents to blame who allowed their kids to eat so much. True love for your child means not giving in to every demand. It is easy to always say yes (parenting tip).

There have been many horror stories about fast food restaurants. K.F.C were famous for someone finding a deep fried rat in a chicken box. Would you be able to tell the difference? The pieces of chicken are weird shapes and  most people wouldn't notice if one was in the same shape as a  human skull. In fact they would probably shove it right down their fat throat. There are horror stories of people finding roaches in burgers at Mcdonalds but statistically it must be likely to happen at least once. At the Mcdonalds near me there was a huge fly outbreak with thousands of them around the local area. Someone I know found a dead fly at the bottom of their fries and then were immediately offered a free large meal. We still eat there.

One problem that used to, and still does, exist is trying to find out what is actually in the food. How are people meant to know if they are really eating chicken or a strange processed chemically enhanced lettuce. K.F.C has recently been under fire about the treatment of their chickens. Animal cruelty is always going to happen when you have to mass produce food. It's the only efficient way suppliers can meet such high demand of meat. The only real way to stop the cruelty going on is to stop eating the food. Unfortunately people tend to not care, or think, about the animals they are eating and care more about the delicious convenient food.

The environment suffers around these food troughs. There is a huge amount of McTrash around every Mcdonalds where people dump wrappers on the floor when there is a bin about every few steps. Mcdonalds now have people on the streets outside picking up the trash thanks to some inconsiderate selfish pigs who eat there. One thing that fails to make sense is if I'm eating in, why put all the food in different packets? When I go to K.F.C and say I'm eating in they still manage to put my food in a box on a tray for me to carry.

Fast food places are useful when you are on the go and there are clear warnings around that say you shouldn't eat too much of it. The trash surrounding each shop represents the careless and selfish attitude you take when eating fast food. Big isn't beautiful, and we have to stop consuming as much. Then again, Super Size Me did look fun.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

What Does the Internet Know About Me?

When your on the internet you tend to think you are anonymous. No one wants records to be kept about what sites they have visited or what sick and twisted stuff they download. However there is a crazy amount of data stored about you online. Google will save everything you search on their site to help make searches more relevant, and Facebook will use all the information your handing over, for free, to help target adverts. Thanks to these sites you are now bombarded with the most relevant spam ever.

Practically every computer in the world leaves a great big dirty footprint on all the websites you visit. Your IP address can show where you are, what sites you've been on and can be used as evidence against you. Also details that some post online are consistently being looked at. People  today are more than happy to share their information online but tend to forget that the services they are using on the internet are not actually free. Every website will have it's costs to cover. Whether it's from the advertising revenue or selling on the data you hand over.

How brilliant would it be to be in a position where people are freely putting their information into your website. Facebook is a great example where people are handing over where they live, their birthdays, their interests and crazy amounts of photos. This is an advertisers dream and Facebook must earn a lot from advertising on their site. If you ever go on the create an ad page you would be surprised how specific you can make it to reach your target audience.

So how are you meant to hide your IP address and cover your tracks online? Well one good piece of advice would not to be just to hand over your genuine data to any website. If you wish to hide the sites you go on and make it very hard for someone to trace, you need a proxy. You probably don't care how it works but in a brief description it will link to sites using a different computer so it doesn't look like you are the one downloading or viewing a website. You still can be caught but it can be a lot of hassle for anyone who wants to catch you or see what you are looking at. Find decent proxies here.

Ever wanted to see what someone could find out about you online? There is a website where you can type in someone's name and will then show all the accounts, emails, Facebook pages, pictures and Twitter accounts related to that name. That way you can find out who people are extremely fast. If you want to know what there is about you online I suggest you check it out at 123people.

Keeping your data can now be hard. Millions of people every day are sharing details about their lives online meaning that potentially one day there will be a great complex file on each on us only based on internet history. An iPhone can already show where you are and what your looking at, so maybe privacy will slowly die. What do you have to hide?

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Monday, 15 March 2010

Website Practical Update

The more aware among you may have noticed the recent changes to the site. According to Google analytic, which allows me to see how many people view the site and other chilling details,  the site is now relatively popular with a nice amount of regular readers. With a large amount of people showing interest in the blog I thought it would only be logical to expand it.

The big news is that we are changing domain names. Don't worry though, the Blogger URL will direct you to the new site and is practically the same. The website is still hosted by Google but has the domain name:

This means you no longer need to add the blogger part of the URL on the end and makes the website look more professional. Over the next few days all traffic will be directed to the new URL so you can still type in the old link.

To match the increase in readers I have also decided to add a few new parts. You may have noticed recently the addition of the pictures page, the fuelling the hype page and the submit your post. The fuelling the hype page is going to be for reviews of sites and suggestions of what sites to go on. The picture page is will show all the pictures from the previous posts, which you all can use as long you keep the website URL at the bottom.

The final announcement is that I am looking for other bloggers to help submit posts to the site. There are details on the submit your post page. As much fun it is writing the blog all myself, I feel with a team there can be a wider range of articles which will make the site far more interesting. Anyone willing to invest time into helping the site get bigger will also be able to privilege from the sites growth . Writers will be entitled to extras from the site and will be able to freely write their own articles and potentially be rewarded. If the website does go into profit then they will be paid accordingly. If you think you have what it takes then check out the submit your post page at the top. All posts should try and stick within the current themes running throughout the site.

Artists are also freely welcome to do stuff for the site. As you may notice each article here has a picture to match, so if you think you may be interested in giving yourself some more exposure and becoming part of the team then contact me through the contact page. You will also be given privileges and be rewarded accordingly.

You can now use this site to get your own blog more exposure. Submit a guest blog and if it is good I will publish it and put a link to your own blog on the site. Hope all this information helps and it can only add to the sites content and enjoyment for everyone.

Help would be greatly appreciated.


Sunday, 14 March 2010

Fuelling the Hype: Chat Roulette

Chat Roulette is potentially the next big thing on the internet since porn. Currently everyone in the known world is watching Youtube and there is now a considerable amount of people on Facebook. Talking to random people online does seem to be the next big thing that may slowly take over our social lives even more than Facebook has.

I have already done a post on Omegle, which you can see here, but Chat Roulette does basically have the same premise. You talk to random people and are able to disconnect at any time. However the thing that makes this site different, and in some ways better than Omgele, is that it allows you to use a microphone and camera. Will this site be the next step Omegle didn't take?

The website is in every way like Omegle. You constantly talk to different people, some with webcams and some not, about any topic you wish to discuss. There are still the same old horny people that will forever haunt the internet since online porn was invented, and there are still  a few of the same old boring people like me who simply want a conversation. One of the positives, if your not after sexy cam time, is that you now have ability to report people. This means that personally you may be able to stop the sex pests from getting what they want.

With the new dimension of webcams and sound being added this increases the amount of nasty detail you will see in others. People no longer need to send you a link or ask your permission before you see them naked. You will probably see more penises on this site that you have in your life, not counting you promiscuous cats out there. The ability to report these people is useful but in all honesty is there a real way to stop them? What do you expect if you start letting these horny people show what they want on webcams? The system is also up for abuse since I got reported for doing absolutely nothing, I promise.

Chat Roulette is like many other talking to random stranger sites. It's full of horny, trolling and normal people. I did speak to some interesting people but the main problem is finding that interesting topic. If you do ever choose to go on it have something in mind to start the conversation going. Otherwise you might find yourself saying hi followed by a long and awkward silence which I can promise you is a lot worse when you are phyiscally looking at the person. If you have ever tried the three second rule, which states that if you don't talk for three seconds then the other person will, you will find more people disconnect than if you showed a picture of you hanging yourself (it happened).

Omegle isn't completely out the race in the online random chat market. While writing this post I have just discovered they now have a video chat feature to compete with Chat Roulette. The race is now on to see who can get the most people talking to random strangers. Currently Chat Roulette is winning, by far, so it shall be interesting to see how this all pans out.

With more and more people using Chat Roulette, and more and more people writing posts about it, the hype is forcing anyone who has heard about it to give it a go. You are still anonymous in parts but remember you don't always have to go on cam.You can still go on without showing your true identity but you may have to make a bit more of an effort to disguise yourself. What do you have to hide?

Thursday, 11 March 2010

When is it Safe to Become an Internet Explorer?

Most people are scared of things they don’t understand. For example I am terrified of dogs because I don’t understand when one runs up to me, whether the poor scamp wants to play with me or bite my face off.

People’s attitudes to the internet can be just as irrational as my own to dogs, but does the internet pose a real threat to people who reveal details online about themselves? Most news sources would have you believe that the internet is full of sick strange people who live in their parent’s basement waiting to find their next cyber victim. This statement may be partly true but by no means represents the majority of people online today, probably. This irrational fear is starting to make some parents scared to let their own children explore the internet which asks the question 'What age should children be allowed to find their own way around the internet?'.

The internet can be a sick and strange place where people are uploading completely over the top, racist, sexist and bewildering comments every second of every hour of every day. There is almost no Youtube video you can view without seeing a torrent of abuse from one desperate user or a troll writing about how much he hates black people. It can be safely assumed that children should not be allowed to see these kind of sick and twisted comments. Child filters tend to work as well as Toyota's accelerators, so is it worth restricting children's internet access? If some sites are blocked then it may just make them more and more curious, meaning as soon as they find a way past the filter, and they will, they may start looking for some of the most gruesome content imaginable (2 Girls 1 Cup).

Kids should be allowed to freely roam the internet at the same age that they are allowed to go out on their own in real life. When parents finally lose control of the things that influence their kids then that should be the day to let them roam the internet, hopefully being mature enough to deal with all the gruesome content online. If they are old enough to deal with trouble on the streets then they should be sensible enough to deal with the consequences of accidently going on Chat Roulette. Younger kids should still be allowed to wander the internet but never alone. Hopefully they won’t stumble across sites like (don’t check the link) which is arguably the most shocking site on the internet.

Some websites are out there that encourage you to speak to random strangers, like Omegle or Chat Roulette, but these sites are definitely only suitable to people who are mature online. It’s like being street smart, but far less cool. Meeting people online is very different to meeting people in real life. Anyone under 18 should probably never meet a person they met online on their own, and if they do they should always be incredibly cautious. Always remember that a lot people online do persistently lie (not this blog), so that young 14 year old girl might end up to be an overweight 46 year old man in desperate need of a shave (and not just referring to his face).

The internet is a dangerous place but it can be just as safe as your local bar. There are always people in the real world doing things just as bad as the internet can show. The only good thing about real life is that a 46 year old man is far less convincing when disguised as a 14 year old girl. Common sense is the only way to combat these people as well as questioning everything you see. Good luck.You'll need it (especially if you clicked the link).

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Top 50 Reasons Why Not to become a Blogger

1.       There is a strong chance no one will read anything you write meaning that you would be better off locking yourself in a dark room and shouting your opinion to yourself.
2.       Unless you are high up in society or an important person then your opinion is completely irrelevant and it doesn’t matter to anyone, even if they read it.
3.       You start a Twitter account
4.       You find out that no one wants to hear about the mundane details of your sad sad life.
5.       You find yourself always looking for ideas and stories that will interest other people.
6.       The internet is unfortunately a place where people can say what they want anonymously so you find it hard to tell the difference between criticism and trolls.
7.       You will slowly start to use the phrase troll for anyone who criticises you.
8.       You decide stealing other people’s photos is too tacky for your blog so you go out and invest in a copy of Photoshop.
9.       You then realise you don’t know how to work it and go out and spend more money on a guide on      how to use Photoshop
10.   You stop using Photoshop
11.   If you get past the first step of blogging and get followers then you start writing posts you don’t enjoy writing but have to be done.
12.   As you get more into it you will slowly start to spend more time blogging for free rather than doing work you actually get paid for.
13.   You start searching for lists on the internet to find topics to blog about until you finally realise that what you are going to blog about is not having anything to blog about.
14.   The more you write, you find yourself slowly spending more and more time on each post making you fall behind on whatever else you have to do in your life, like feeding the children.
15.   You become obsessed with checking your email to see if you have any new followers or comments like a deranged psychopath who needs praise and attention to keep on living.
16.   You install Google Analytics to see how many people visit your site and you depressingly find you’re the only one reading it.
17.   As you get more followers you think about buying your own domain name until you realise the hassle it is and you find your Google Adsense account doesn’t even cover your pen budget.
18.   You then decide that your blog definitely needs a Facebook page because that way more people will be able to follow it.
19.   You realise that only 8 people follow you on Twitter and 10 on Facebook, so you decide to have a little cry.
20.   You then work out that some of your Twitter followers seem to just be people who follow 10, 000 other people so you decide to have a big cry.
21.   You start to think maybe you could make a living from blogging so you then quit your job and decide to sit at home all day.
22.   You slowly start to notice this might not be a good idea because by the third day you find that you have nothing else to write about or have any money to do anything.
23.   You get depressed.
24.   You decide that maybe the way to get ideas is to try some experimental drugs or alcohol.
25.   You become an alcoholic/drug addict.
26.   You go to rehab.
27.   You come out refreshed and ready to start blogging again. While you’ve been away you slowly discover that people are starting to read you blog and you now have some followers.
28.   You slowly work your way through the top one hundred blogging ideas.
29.   You make your own top one hundred blogging ideas.
30.   You have a fight with your parents and girlfriend because they say you are slowly wasting your life away.
31.   You decide to go and get a qualification in journalism because writing for a newspaper is just as good as writing a blog.
32.   You then realise you can’t get a job because of the recession.
33.   You finally get a job writing for a website after you showed them the time and effort you put into your blog and they tell you with a lot of work you could be average.
34.   You find that your editor is a bit of an ass and realise you have no real creative freedom whatsoever.
35.   You find yourself now getting bored writing generic articles which may get lots of readers but are about as fulfilling to write as it is to clean your house.
36.   Your house becomes dirty because cleaning takes too long.
37.   Your house becomes clean because you decide that cleaning your house would have a more positive impact on the world than writing another post.
38.   You decide you are going to start writing on your blog again so you can write what you want.
39.   You realise you don’t know what to write about.
40.   You decide to blog about how to find blogging ideas again when really you are as screwed as every other helpless looser reading your post.
41.   You realise that one of the early blogs you read and followed a few years ago is now a thriving brand.
42.   After reading it again you slowly get more and more bitter about that person and life in general.
43.   You decide to stop following that blog.
44.   You start following the blog again to find out their cheating secrets.
45.   You realise that out of you and all your friends who have real jobs, you are the one earning the least.
46.   You start to comment more on Youtube and on other people’s blogs because you are still convinced that your opinion can make a difference.
47.   You start to post your articles on every website you know in a desperate attempt to some more money.
48.    After three years of blogging you find Your Google Adsense account only adds up to $30.
49.   You then become a troll.
50.   You finally decide to write a list on why not to become a blogger to stop people making the same mistakes that you did but actually want them to so you don’t feel like the only hopeless blogging looser on the face of the earth.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Tech In Music (Techno Music)

What do you do if you want to be a famous singer but you can't sing? Well with modern technology there is now a way for you to sound pitch perfect without having to afford those expensive singing lessons. This may sound like at ad, but this is the way hundreds of musicians are making money. Musicians are using auto-tuning and other software to make their hits sound unbelievably brilliant, but is all this technology slowly tuning out the actual need for talent?

Auto-tuning is now a way people can sing in tune and sound good without any real ability. Auto-tuning has gone from dark hidden process being done in music studios to edit voices in tune just a bit, to now going completely over the top with the new brand of T-Pain style music. With technology moving so fast now anyone can do it whether you are a producer working on T-Pain's next album or a social outcast locked away in your bedroom.

A prime example would be 'Owl City' who wrote 'Fireflies'. This song is technically perfect but if you look at the live performances of the song they are far from pretty. The only way this music can be produced without the need of decent voices is the nice sounding music software. This keeps the group from being limited by their own talents. If you can't play or sing a piece of music machines can now do it all for you. They were discovered on Myspace while the founder 'Adam Young' was writing and producing the music in his parents basement. It's obvious the guy has talent when it comes to writing music and thanks to all the technology available he is able to to share that music for free and have it produced at a decent quality. It can be said that without all the modern software guilty pleasures like 'Fireflies' would have never been made.

Programs such as Virtual DJ allow even the most hopeless of musicians to be able to attempt to create their own music and spend time working on how music works and intertwines with each other. Garageband has revolutionised the way people can now make music and provides the experience without having to learn a single note. This can only open the potential in some artists who would never have been able to make music without the aid of this software.

Some of the technology is being abused now by record labels who can now take the best looking person they find and give them a good voice. Still with live music being demanded more than ever, and with miming being seen as cheating the audience out of a show, it makes it incredibly hard to make a person respected and successful if they can't sing the songs that are meant to be their own. Maybe some of these albums should really be named 'Creation Voice Editor featuring Ashley Simpson'.

Auto tuning and other forms of technology in music do offer the chance for people with no genuine talent to be able to become a best selling artist but it does also provide opportunities for people who may not be brilliant at everything. The one question on everyone's mind is that will one day technology replace talent completely, and will computers be doing all the hard work by writing and performing all the music we hear? Luckily for genuine artists and composers, computers lack any sense of creativity and any creativity a computer or program has is only based on a team of other people's creativity, or maths.

Human's will always write the best music. Whether it is always to be performed by people is another question. Now when a new song is released people can now share their own adaptations of how they think the song should have sounded like using resources like Youtube. Computers may never write the top hits of today but thanks to them we can now experience a more variety of music than ever before.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Happy World Book Day, What's Next?

In the olden days not everyone would be able to read. In fact many people didn’t know how to read and their only way to tell stories or spread information would be by word of mouth. Take a few steps forward in history and you may notice St Ambrose was the first recorded man in history who could read in his head without talking aloud. Something we all seem to find easy now but which may have actually been a skill that was developed. Books used to be hand written and hard to come by until the invention of the printing press which made literature accessible to even more people. In this new information age everything is now becoming digitised, and with devices such as the Kindle we no longer need to print physical copies of text meaning that practically anyone in the world can get their hands on a copy of any text.

The ways books are read and published are completely changing. If I was to write a novel and it didn’t get accepted by a major publicist there are now a thousand new routes I could go down. I could upload it online as an e-book and, if the novel was good, possibly get offered a deal that way as well as making a bit of money in the short term. The internet is now breaking down the barriers that people face when making and distributing their own work. I could upload a novel chapter by chapter in a blog post which I could then post on loads of forums to get people to read it. If a story is good then people will keep coming on the site to read. Some may argue that they don’t like reading of a screen but we are coming to a time when this is bothering people less and less.

With Google attempting to digitalise the world's libraries we could all be reading from screens rather than books shorter than we think. The internet is like a giant interactive newspaper with much more to offer. Some people get most of their literature from reading posts and blogs online, such as these, rather than turning to the latest novel being released or buying the local newspaper. Today is World Book Day and probably not the last, but with literature now about to break the last hurdle by becoming accessible to everyone in the world we are going to see a rapid increase in the amount of eBooks. First reading was exclusive, and then the internet was exclusive. We now live in a time where people have access to both, allowing literature to be available to more people than ever before.

With some specific newspapers now committing the darkest sin by simply uploading a headline with a short article and a page of people’s comments, this is now a time more than ever where good literature and journalism needs to keep being posted as well as preserving the old.

So before all books are stored on computers and we no longer are able to buy printed texts what are your top reads before you die?

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Stealing is Wrong/Easy

Do you know someone who downloads media illegally? In these modern times of sharing everything with everyone, in the giant cult known as the world wide web, there is a strong chance you probably do. The logic is simple. If you upload a piece of media someone else wants, then someone else will probably upload some media you want. Obviously a lot of people abuse the system but if  people didn't share things, and they weren't so dam logical, then there would be none of these problems facing media companies today.

So you now know why but do you know how people steal media? There is a large amount of people who know that people are sharing and stealing music but don't actually know how to do it because they are scared of viruses or don't have any intention of knowing. There are many different ways people are able to share data but what are the methods and what software are people using to do it? Is it really as easy as everyone says it is or is it about as easy as finding an interesting Twitter account to follow?

Peer to Peer Sharing ( I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours)

Peer to peer sharing is one of the easiest ways to share online. These networks work by lots of people sharing their resources, such as processing power or bandwidth, and let people share their media on the programs been set up. The big advantage of this is that there is no need for a central server meaning it can be very hard to close down and because you connect directly to other people it can be fast to download. This software is not always illegal, even though it can be used for illegal means. It's like buying a knife. You can kill kittens with a knife or use it to cut vegetables. It's not what this software is, but what it's used for.

Sound difficult? Well it isn't. Programs such as Limewire or Frostwire allow you to do this very easily. You can download it from their own websites and you are then able to search through a huge range of media ranging from Coldplay to one of my old English Assignments.

Torrents (Split it, Find it, Take it)

A torrent is another way you can get hold of files. These tend to be used for bigger files rather than just one song or a small program. They work by locating where all the parts that belong to a file are, which come from everyone else who has downloaded it, and bringing them together on your computer to make a complete file. Torrents are clever and they download the most rare pieces first then go on to the most common pieces. The more people that have the torrent file, the faster it is to download.

This is easily done. To do it these people first download a torrent program such as bittorrent or utorrent which will be used to run the torrent in. People then will go on to a torrent site like and search for the right torrent they want. Torrents are one of the most common ways to transfer big files online but do gain a reputation of  only being used by evil thieving scum.

Downloading From Youtube (Look, But Don't Touch)

As well as the last techniques there are also ways to download from Youtube. Youtube does have a policy about using and downloading its videos which is:

11.2 YouTube Content may not be downloaded, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, displayed, sold, licensed, or otherwise exploited for any other purpose whatsoever without the prior written consent of YouTube, or YouTube's licensors. YouTube reserves all rights not expressly granted in and to the YouTube Content.

People can now use software such as vdownloader to download the videos. This program also allows its users to choose what type of file they want to download. If they only want the music they can download it only as an MP3 and then put it straight into their media player. This particular software doesn't only work with Youtube. With computers always changing and there will be at some point a time when we will stream almost everything that we watch and have internet practically everywhere meaning we won't need to download anything.

Music Streaming Sites (Listen When You Want, Where You Want, But it's Not Yours)

Websites are now popping up where you can listen to your favourite music for free. If you always listen to your music when you have internet around then this may be the best option for you. On these sites you can choose playlists and songs to add to your online library all within the law.

LastFM is a great example of a site where you can do all of the above. This is the cheapest and easiest way to listen to top quality music at home without being hunted down by your Local Sony BMG.

For you all you people who were wondering out there why and how files are shared I hoped this explains it. Just because something is easy it doesn't always make it right, and when people do spend money and time making media for everyone to enjoy it isn't right to take it for free. Artists are not always in it for the money so it might be nice to buy their media to help fund more of their projects they will be doing in the future, and avoid a hefty fine or prison sentence.


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