Monday, 9 August 2010

The Homo Kid Story (ChristianU2uber)

Youtube can be a very fun place to share ideas, but if you set yourself up to be a prime victim for trolls then prepare to get abused:


This YouTube sensation started talking about gay marriage but unfortunately informed us to his own homo-erotic experiences. One of the worst things ever to do on YouTube, and was inevitably trolled to deletion.

After the video he started to get some haters and foolishly responded. YouTube did delete his account after they became aware of the abuse, as well as having a policy that you need to be 13 to upload videos.

Then he starts to get angry when people called him a homo and then made this video which was like jumping off a cliff on to a series of sharp rocks.

Ok, this child did take it a bit too far and  got some shocking treatment. The one lesson we can learn from this is never to let children express their opinions on the Internet.


  1. So where the hell is this kids parents? At the pub no doubt.

  2. I like the fact that he says he will give us the answer... i'm sure the opinion of some 5 year old can really provide THE ANSWER to a long running debate being fought socially and politically by people considerably older and wiser than him who have plenty of life experience.

  3. what an idiot! Good point made in the first comment.. where are his parents?

  4. juwhen he grows up and watch that video again......he will be like..... 0.o(wdf??)



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