Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Converting to Apple

The modern Apple has so many devoted followers that whenever a new piece of kit is released it instantly puts most Mac users into a state of irrational, orgasmic awe. After the announcement of the iPad, a large portion of people's thoughts probably went somewhere along the lines of the picture below.

The chances are that most people didn't buy an iPad to watch porn on, probably. Well if you think about it, the device wouldn't be a very good porn viewer either. It doesn't have a Flash player, which knocks out a large portion of websites (but not all of them), and it's too heavy to hold in one hand. Then again, you could always buy a stand which holds the screen at a convenient angle.

The perfect place to keep an iPad is in a toilet, not because of the Playboy app but because I seem to play on my iPhone the most while either waiting or taking part in a toilet related activity. The iPad is ideal for toilet users since it's only practical use is wasting time. It could be used for all of your favourite toilet pastimes such as: catching up on the latest news, checking your email, reading a book or playing on your apps. Another brilliant idea from Apple is that the design allows you to balance it on your legs while playing Zombies Vs Plants. The only problem you would run into is having to wash your hands after every time you use it and being forced to regularly disinfect it.

Apart from the iPad, I think it's fair to say that the rest of their products are generally good apart from a few consistent problems. All their devices seem to suffer from a lack of customisation and openness. Each app has to be approved by Apple and their hardware is practically impossible to upgrade without buying a completely new system. Still though, the majority of brainwashed Magpies seem to enjoy the shiny and sleek looking devices, with the next logical step being not to make their products better, but simply to make them glow in the dark. Oh my bad, they already did that with the keyboard and the logo. Still though, there has to be some room for a bit more glowing.

The one thing that was keeping me from turning to the fruity side was the fact that almost everyone I knew who owned a Mac seemed to turn into an iPrick. They would consistently throw it in my face how Windows is inferior and how their operating system doesn't get viruses. I would always inform them that I don't need to use iPhoto to organise my pictures but they never listen. However, some Apple software does appear to be superior and is now the reason why I have decided to buy...A MacBook Glow, I mean Pro.

The software that I want to use is Final Cut Pro as well as the App Developing software to partake in creating iPhone apps for the already bloated App Store to get some good programming experience. My experience playing about on Final Cut Pro with the priests at the Apple Store was a very pleasant one, and I now find it hard to work on my inferior boring laptop. Also, my current software has a horrible sound to video syncing issue meaning I literally can't make any new videos till I upgrade the software. Another big problem is that since I started filming in HD my one year old Vaio can no longer handle the the high quality moving pictures, resulting in editing takes so much longer thanks to the frame rate being like watching a slow Powerpoint Presentation. I also quite like the idea of Apple Care because it seems nice that I can send my computer off to be fixed whenever it inevitably breaks.

To the dissatisfaction of the Apple Store staff I will also be booting it with a Windows and Linux operating system so I can use all the software I have already bought as well as not limiting myself only to OSX software. This hopefully should prevent me from turning into the type of person that would leap at the chance to hoar themselves out to Apple. I still think the iPhone 4 is a waste of money for 3GS owners and that the company as a whole is running out of new ideas. I can only pray I don't turn into an iPrick.

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  1. 3 operating systems. I'd quite like to know: which is going to be your primary one (i.e. the web browsing one, which being honest is mostly what anyone does on computers), and what you're doing about storage.

    3 OSes is going to take a lot of hard disk space so I would go for a USB external harddrive if you can stomach the cost. I wish someone had told me that before my dual boot experience as I invariably got locked into OS by whichever file I was using; dual boot was just pointless as I didn't have the choice.

    I can see why you went for Windows dual boot (certain applications are just required) but unless you're going to use Linux for mundane stuff (web browsing, text editing etc) why is it there, I can't think of any killer apps? Is it just for the computer fiddling experience (which is a great reason, though if that's the reason I'd avoid Ubuntu, it likes to break when you change it from the norm (in my experience), debian seems good for this as your base system can track stable (Debian stable is quite possibly the most stable OS in the world) and your apps can track unstable or testing (Debian unstable is as stable as windows).

    Follow up on the dual boot would be good Ta.



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