Sunday, 16 May 2010

Why Soundtracks are Important!

Music is always important but is often overlooked when it comes to films. This video is all about why it is important to keep music in videos and not to disregard it completely. It features a lot of different soundtracks from many different films so keep your ears open if you can recognise any.

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  1. Oh! I agree completely! For me, the music is one of the most important aspects of a film. Soundtracks make up a very large portion of my iTunes library (yeah, I know it's sad, but I don't care). When I walk out of a film one of the first things that I think about is the soundtrack, especially when the film has it's own original soundtrack. One recent film that I really liked was Up, but my favourite soundtrack of all time has to be Howard Shore's soundtrack for The Lord of the Rings films.



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