Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Youtube: Interesting Facts About the UK

This is another new style of video. I have actually used a script in this one. Consequently it took quite a long time to film compared to the others. I also tried out some fun effects in this one as well. Will be interesting to see what people think of this video compared to the last few. This is the second video now without me actually eating or drinking anything in it. I did have a popcorn bowl by the side though.


  1. spelt hundred wrong

  2. your an absolute cougar go to a brass gaff i'll even pay for you but bring your camera and do a blog about that

  3. hundred is spelt hundrud at one point lol

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  6. Wait... dancing was invented in Britain? I guess you're talking about the rules used in today's professional dance?
    Haha I LOVE Monty Python and the original Office. In fact, I love British comedy in general...
    Huge Tolkien Fan too. But I never knew George Orwell was a pome ;)



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