Saturday, 24 April 2010 Ask Me Anything!

Where do you live? What's that smell? What are you doing with my sister?

The above sentences are all questions. By asking questions we learn more about the world and the people we know, or it just creates more questions which lead us to discover that we actually knew less than we did in the first place, or does it?

People enjoy asking and answering questions. For the people that want to find out facts about their friends, family members or any random stranger there is now a solution. Form Spring gives you the chance to set up your own account where people can ask you any question their heart desires. ANY QUESTION.

There are many websites and services that try and offer this kind of feedback however this is the most simple and easy to use out of them all. Facebook tries to offer it's solution with services that ask you questions and post them to your friends wall when you answer, but some of these they require you to pay money or fill in surveys to find out people's answers. Not to mention having to give that application access to all your Facebook details. You can connect your Facebook account to this site for a much easier way for people to ask and answer questions or simply make a Form Spring account

Form Spring allows you to set up a web-page where you can give the option to people with accounts or anyone to ask you questions. Another nice feature of the site is that it's completely ad-free meaning no irritating banner or pop up ads to ruin the experience. It is good that the site doesn't have ads but as the site increases in popularity it will most likely have to introduce ads to pay for itself. This is not a bad thing and it's what keeps online services free, like this site.

You can find your friends and check out their profiles by adding them as friends and get updates on their form. You can also search for friends by their name. If you realise you have no real friends or people don't ask you questions there is also the 'ask yourself a random question' feature which can make it look like people are interested in you when really no one is. I may find myself using this feature a lot.

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