Wednesday, 17 March 2010

What Does the Internet Know About Me?

When your on the internet you tend to think you are anonymous. No one wants records to be kept about what sites they have visited or what sick and twisted stuff they download. However there is a crazy amount of data stored about you online. Google will save everything you search on their site to help make searches more relevant, and Facebook will use all the information your handing over, for free, to help target adverts. Thanks to these sites you are now bombarded with the most relevant spam ever.

Practically every computer in the world leaves a great big dirty footprint on all the websites you visit. Your IP address can show where you are, what sites you've been on and can be used as evidence against you. Also details that some post online are consistently being looked at. People  today are more than happy to share their information online but tend to forget that the services they are using on the internet are not actually free. Every website will have it's costs to cover. Whether it's from the advertising revenue or selling on the data you hand over.

How brilliant would it be to be in a position where people are freely putting their information into your website. Facebook is a great example where people are handing over where they live, their birthdays, their interests and crazy amounts of photos. This is an advertisers dream and Facebook must earn a lot from advertising on their site. If you ever go on the create an ad page you would be surprised how specific you can make it to reach your target audience.

So how are you meant to hide your IP address and cover your tracks online? Well one good piece of advice would not to be just to hand over your genuine data to any website. If you wish to hide the sites you go on and make it very hard for someone to trace, you need a proxy. You probably don't care how it works but in a brief description it will link to sites using a different computer so it doesn't look like you are the one downloading or viewing a website. You still can be caught but it can be a lot of hassle for anyone who wants to catch you or see what you are looking at. Find decent proxies here.

Ever wanted to see what someone could find out about you online? There is a website where you can type in someone's name and will then show all the accounts, emails, Facebook pages, pictures and Twitter accounts related to that name. That way you can find out who people are extremely fast. If you want to know what there is about you online I suggest you check it out at 123people.

Keeping your data can now be hard. Millions of people every day are sharing details about their lives online meaning that potentially one day there will be a great complex file on each on us only based on internet history. An iPhone can already show where you are and what your looking at, so maybe privacy will slowly die. What do you have to hide?

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    Check out that web site. It's just a sample of what the internet knows about you.



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