Thursday, 4 February 2010

Don't Cry, Go Online

A recent study has shown that people tend to be more depressed if they spend large amounts of time on the internet. Is the internet not a happy place full of joy, wonder and information? Or really is it a place of evil darkness and depression where people go to cry and escape from their mundane boring  life (or possibly read about someone else's mundane boring life).
I would like to point out that according to this survey I am classed as an internet addict, which would suggest there is a strong chance I may be depressed. This article has now become personal. Being honest, I don't feel particularly depressed. I spend large amounts of time on the internet because it's what I enjoy. As well as a self confessed blogger, I do spend the majority of my online time doing other things. I used to spend just as much time on the internet before writing ridiculous amounts of articles. The study does point out that it is not clear yet whether it's depressed people that go on the internet for long amounts of time, or that spending endless hours browsing the internet makes you depressed.
Why do people go on the internet? A casual user may surf the information super highway to find out about what's happening in the world, or catch up with their friends. They may enjoy online games or simply playing about and checking out their favourite websites. They may want to go shopping and purchase items or bid for stuff because that's what all their 'cool friends' are now doing. They may want to watch all the latest online videos or a TV show they have missed, or even download the latest music. They could even update their Twitter account about the fact that they are sitting at home on the internet. If anything, this proves that the internet can be used for a ridiculous amount of different uses. One could assume none of these could make anyone particularly depressed, apart from Twitter.
Potentially the internet could be used for the same reason why anyone who watches a large amount of films or plays video games. To escape from reality. So it  may be logical to believe that people go on the internet to spice up their own life because they are feeling unfulfilled. That would agree with the theory that people go to the internet because they are depressed, but is there anything that suggests spending large amounts of time can make you depressed?
In the old days the internet could have been seen as antisocial however with all its latest uses it's far from. People can now talk to their friends anywhere in the world (with internet), however there are still people out there who fail to see the social side. The older generation, as well as the type of person who is still scared to use internet because they may get a virus, still have the view that the internet is a place simply for information. Could it now go as far to say that using the internet is now more social than actually speaking to someone?
How can the internet make you depressed? Well there doesn't appear to be any obvious reasons, unless you count the constant depressing news stories, the people who complain about everything and those dam trolls. It could be the media making the people depressed, since the internet is a place where people are exposed to large amounts of advertising which is always helpful to remind you how shit you look by showing you an alternative reality where people get six packs in a matter of weeks.
What is more depressing than someone sitting at home writing about things they notice or reporting things that they see for no apparent reason, which barely anyone in the world will ever read? Well that question I cannot answer, however I do have a ridiculous amount of spare time which is probably better spent doing something constructive rather than writing blogs.


  1. haha, told you you had free time:P

  2. Well, the media do have a lot to answer for for the state of the world, i'd say that'd be the biggest reason why people have severe depression because they feel they can't live up to the standards of, "perfection" that the media says we must live up to in the way we dress, what we eat, what we drink. our physical body image, the car we drive, the electronic gadgets we must have, the friends we must have the news we must know, etc etc etc etc etc............. and to add to that, the constant news about people being murdered in many ways we never thought possible, constantly hearing about war and everything else twenty four hours a day and seven days a week and three hundred and sixty five days a year every split second this immoral stuff is being extremely forcefully shoved in our faces whether we like it or not.

    I find a lot of people have bee saying to me for years, "you don't have to listen or watch it if you don't want to" but the thing is because of the invasiveness of media these days you can't help but watch and get stuck watching because it drags you in and forces you to watch it against your own will!

    The media content today is destroying the moral fabric of society! Today Television content ad "film" content is extremely close to the edge of almost watching porn and is turning human beings into bloody thirsty sexually obsessed beasts!

    People's human dignity and morals are being torn to pieces and broken down by those who control the media technology which those people are abusing it to control our lives the way they want and how they want! They don't give a stuff about the people they hurt! They act as if only they are right and that everyone else is wrong.



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