Monday, 22 February 2010

Blood Money Movies

What is it that draws people to movies that are gory and sickening? Deranged films are being released every year with the only premise being that everyone is going to die in a sick and entertaining way. Rather than turning us all into serial killers we are now paying more and more hard earned cash to watch people get their limbs twisted off one by one, but how is this affecting the type of movies being released and might it make people want to torture their neighbours cat?

Sick and twisted movies are now making more money than ever. With Saw VII planed to be released this October, designing gruesome death machines could just be as good as printing your own money. Like many shock horror movies, these have nothing more to add we haven't seen before. When your villain has supposedly died more times than a blind man attempting to play Mario, it does seem to be a hard task to keep the brand flowing and to keep an interesting story line going. Luckily people no longer care about story lines and neither do the creators. The majority now only go to see Saw films to see people get well and truly 'fucked up'.

By abandoning all forms of story structure the Saw film brand has now gone from being a rather insightful and deep film, created to make the person watching question their own moral decisions while watching people suffer suitable, yet over the top, punishments for their deeds, to basically watching people slowly suffer in killing machines that there is no escape from with as much depth as a double glazed window.

The film Hostel went the other way. Rather than start off in depth, the first film tells us little about the actual process of people paying to torture, as well as how everything works behind the scenes. Hostel Part 2, then took the initiative to show more about how the process works which made the second film a hell of a lot more interesting than the first, while still managing to keep upping the gore factor by mutilating a grown man's penis.

The one thing people might be starting to notice is that these movies are now slowly turning into sick and gruesome forms of porn rather than what could be described as a film. Personally, I am far from jacking off    to the next sick horror flick, but not everyone may be thinking in this mindset. How long is it till we get so much blood and 3D pickaxes thrown at us that people start to get turned on?

Will there be a Jigsaw copycat killer? Will someone start to wonder what it would be like to find and torture an innocent person? The honest answer is probably not. Most people can tell the difference between reality and film, and as long as people stay rational these films can keep being made.  The true practical nature of creating and getting away with such crimes is practically impossible. Trust me, I know. Final Destination movies have the awesome trait of being so over the top that it's about as realistic as Peter Pan which helps keep this entire genre fun.

Death sex and rock 'n' roll tend to be the modern formula to making a decent gore film, and as long as people are willing to pay to see a woman have her face blow torched till her eyeball is hanging out of her skull then this stuff will carry on to be made. Personally I'm all for the next big gore film as long as it's entertaining and fun, and not called Saw.


  1. It's getting to the point where i can only watch children's films now because they are the least offensive to my senses.

  2. I absolutely hate those kinds of movies. I like a good horror film but the pointless, gruesome, bloody mess that was Hostel just grossed me out. And I didn't like the first Saw, or the many that followed. More power to you if you can stomach movies like that; I cringe, close my eyes and put my fingers in my ears- less I hear the bones breaking...ugh!

    Great post!



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