Thursday, 31 December 2009

Never Talk to Strangers

Many of you may be aware of the website ''. If you don't then it's quite easy to explain. This site is for people who want to talk to random people. You are 'You', and the other person you speak to is the 'Stranger'.When I first heard of this site I was very interested in what people would say when they are supposedly, anonymous. After now spending a few good months on it, I have now come up with a conclusion.
The site is split up into three different types of people. There are 'Normal People', 'Horny People' and 'Trolls'.
Normal People
Normal people are people like me, kind of, who simply go on there to talk to people about things. I use it as a filter for the shit articles and the good articles. It isn't uncommon for me to go on there, just copy a load of text and see what the other person says. Many people just disconnect but some do give me some useful feedback. I guess strangers will have to do while I don't have an editor. If the articles do start to get worse don't blame me. Blame everyone on Omegle even the...
The Horny People
Horny people are what they sound. If you have noticed the quote on top of the page at the moment, which is 'The Internet, Where Women are Men and Children are Federal Agents', I honestly could not think of any better place where this applies. People will constantly ask you if you are horny. If you are, then you may be in luck but I would be careful. You don't want to make the mistake I made. Her name was Brian. You'll be glad to know it can be worth fighting through these people until you get to a normal person, or you can just go the other way. If you get   bored of being horny, then you can always join...
The Trolls
A troll is internet talk for a person who doesn't actually want to contribute anything interesting to the conversation. A troll will usually disrupt the conversation to the best of his or her ability. They will say things just to piss you off or possibly entertain. One I always appear to get is 'Wild Abra Appears'. Then there will be a sudden disconnect after the person says 'Abra Used Teleport'. They can be interesting and fun for a while but some of them do get old. It is good though when you get an interesting one. I usually respond with 'Dam You Troll' and they usually disconnect. Usually people who write the first line of a song and expect you to fill in the next line.
Speaking to strangers can have it's benefits. They are always there for you, however often let you down. It can be worth fighting through all the horny guys, it's only ever guys, to find someone who might be interesting to talk to. I forgot to mention the other groups such as the racists and the bots, but these are on the site a lot less than the other groups. If you aren't an interesting person then you could always resort to being a troll and help 'Wild Abra' appear into someone else's life.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Shooting People Isn't Fun?

The elevator doors open. You walk out,  slowly, with three other men into a crowded airport. You are all armed with machine guns. Then you open fire on the public. They run, but they cannot escape your torrent of bullets as they tear through women and men, but no children. Why are there no children you may ask? This is because it's a game. This scene/level from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has got people very angry.
I can understand why some old people might be upset but come on. A game is like a film, it's made to provoke a feeling or reaction. So if that reaction is outrage then it has achieved its goal. Now firstly we all know that the level was put in so it would get the publicity, so why complain about it? If anything, the best thing to do is ignore the level completely and not give them completely free advertising. The game actually warns you about the level when you put the game in. It's asking for you to complain. The game has outsmarted all these people and by complaining they are literally eating out of the games clenched fist. The level doesn't even make any sense anyway. The publicity from complaining is probably why it's one of the best selling games ever.
Censorship and freedom of speech has always been a problem with me. The 'Wall of Fuck'  was my stand against anyone who thinks people should not be allowed to do and say what they want. However I still believe that there is a line. Shooting virtual 3D people isn't really going to offend anyone to great extent and has no real political meaning and context. Mindless violence is fine, contextual violence is completely different. It's different shooting random people on a street, in a game, rather than playing a member of the KKK with a baseball bat who then goes to beat Obama to death in the White House.
It isn't violence people should be against, it should be contextual violence. I am no saint, but there is a difference between when a game is just violent or actually giving out a negative message. Now call me evil but I showed my 9 year old sister this level to see how she would react. Is it that bad? Will it traumatise her for life? The answer was no, it didn't. My nine year old sister has enough common sense to know that it's a game and it's not real. That answered my own question. If it had an effect on her then fair enough ban it, but it didn't, so all the people who are now think that banning that scene  is a good idea, are idiots. The game is also certified 18 so young kids shouldn't be looking at it anyway.
Games are there primarily for people to have fun, and anyone who cannot have fun playing them shouldn't force the rest of us not to. If I want to run over someone, shoot their wife, then reverse back over to make sure they don't try and take my car off me, in a game, then that's my choice. There was some research done which actually showed that when a violent film is released, while the film is showing crime is said to go down. This is because all the violent people go to watch the violent film rather than performing muggings. If you want to get rid of my violent games, make sure you know the consequences. A violent person would be better in their own house playing 'Fuck Everyone, Kill Everything' rather than attacking people on the street, or going to nightclubs.


Without the internet I honestly wouldn't know what to do with my time. I am a confessed addict, and spend around 10 hours a day searching the internet for interesting sites and news. The internet is now a tool I use in my everyday life. I could now probably be classed as an internet geek, which isn't cool.
The internet is very different from the real world. You don't speak to people eye to eye, unless you are using Skype, and it can be hard to distinguish fact from fiction. I learn most of my facts from the real world rather than the internet for this exact reason. I personally find speaking to people about a topic is far more insightful than reading about it. The truth at the moment is that not everyone knows how to use the internet as a tool, meaning that a lot of peoples thoughts and opinions are left unheard, or more unpublished. So this is where my job, as a blogger, comes in. I have discussions with people all the time, in the real world, so it is one of my main duties to help share this discussion with the rest of the world. As much as a home bound blogging freak  you may think I am, I do actually speak to people in the real world. My internet obsession only goes as far so I can research things, catch up on major news, play games, see what there is to do in my local area, catch up with friends, see pictures that my friends have taken, download music, watch TV, send my work to people, speak to random people, see what's on in the cinema, watch Youtube and blog to the rest of the world of course.
Computers have always interested me from a young age. Even so far as much at some point in the future I will probably depend on them for my very wage. Computers hopefully will be a reliable source of income since lots of people have them and lots of people don't know how to work them properly. It also helps that computers are not actually reliable themselves. Also with the internet being as great as it is I could actually make money on this very page by posting adverts on it. I hope to evade this at all costs for the time being and not become an internet hoar. Adverts will pollute my lovely layout I have set up and I only make money if people click on them. I never really click on them, unless of course there is a game on them which I do enjoy and think there should be more of those, so me posting them on here would be probably useless.
The internet as well as creating all these new jobs and opportunities for people like me, who wouldn't be asked to work on a newspaper if I was the last writer on earth, also start competing with other news sites and newspapers. I will be partially to blame. I have written reviews and news stories online completely for free. How are journalists, who are paid, meant to be able to keep up when every person with a keyboard can now get their stories published and read online for free? In a way this will be good. It will force newspapers and paid writers to up their quality to justify their salaries. Also because they are writing to a higher standard it will also force me to 'up my game' as I am now competing with the people at the top.
With more people now writing online more than ever, the quality bar is going have to raise. Now more people than ever have stopped reading long blogs and are now more interested in vlogs (video blogging). Vlogging is now the next big craze, and these people are becoming famous on Youtube. Is this going to start competing with television? The one thing that big production companies and newspapers have that I don't, and the majority of vloggers and bloggers, is money. This means they can write about far more interesting topics than me and produce a higher quality program, rather than a blog or a vlog. The next decade will be interesting to see what happens to journalism. Who will be the people who stand out from the crowd then? Or will television companies pick up on this cheap source of entertainment and make even more money? I will probably get lost in the crowd, unless I start to stand out as a blogger who is interesting. Who knows, I may have to start a vlog to compete with the rest of crew. For the moment however, writing is far more interesting than me talking. Lets hope the news doesn't become entirely opinion based (irony).

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Simply the Best?

Align Left

What does it mean to be human? Why do us, as humans, seem to think ourselves higher than the existing world around us? What gives us the right to change things to our needs? To be human means that we have gained the gift of knowledge and self awareness. We are at the top because of our superior intelligence, meaning that no other living creature on earth can stop us. On this planet we are gods, and are able to shape it to our hearts desire. The only things stopping us are each other.
Evolution is a nice theory. It ties in everything together nicely and through decades of research has practically been proven. Now personally, I am no scientist and have not studied it in depth, but I reasonably believe that evolution is a very plausible theory to how humans became the top dog, or animal. Other people's attitudes at this point start to worry me. I appreciate that people are out to disprove science, and believe in other things, but are we actually in a position to be able to question these scientists.
The people who are going to question and quiz a scientist are the people who are not able to view all the facts, since their opinion is based on evidence. This means that without all the facts and research you cannot make an informed opinion thus making your opinion worthless. Philosophy is a nice easy way to look at things. It is true that some scientific theory may be able to be dis-proven by simple thought exercises, but when people have done years of research and testing, what gives us the right to tell them they're wrong without doing the work ourselves.
What I would personally like to see is a religious scientist. That sounds like a ridiculous term. We all know that science is based on fact and that religion is based on faith. Religion you cannot prove, and are expected to have belief regardless of what facts are out there to disprove it, but science you can disagree and still have your opinion be classed as valid. Personally I have never really liked being told what to believe, and going to a Catholic school probably made me go against faith completely.
I also have a problem about being told what to believe from scientists as well. It is up to them to prove to me why I should believe their theory. I only know that Great Britain is an island because I have been told it is. Personally I have not been round the entire coast so for certain I cannot say that it is an Island. For all I know, there might be a link to some other land. When told something our initial instinct should always be to question and criticise. If there is reasonable doubt then you must express your opinion. At this moment in time I believe that Great Britain is an Island because I have no reason to believe otherwise. I also cannot find a motive for people saying that it isn't an Island. How many people would actually be able to confirm this fact for me? Is there a motive behind getting people to believe religion?
So why do we think we are better than evolution? Why should humans be so special? What has given us the right to eternal life. We are the smartest species on the planet. We dominate every other species on the earth, but this self importance has made us cocky. We are the best but we are not gods. People who say they want to live forever simply want to be gods. We are humans. Most people are power hungry. Wouldn't it be convenient to say that we cannot die. We will always be around. If you look at our significance in the universe then we are so insignificant we cannot actually make a big impact at all, on that scale. Religion is an ego trip. People follow it because they think they are greater than they actually are, or otherwise in a delusion due to fear.
Why do people find it so hard to accept that we are not divine? Is it fear? Personally death to me is a frightening prospect. I don't know what will happen after death. Will that just be the end of me? How much I long for comfort knowing there is something else after death?However I do not go as far as to try and delude myself. If anything, proof that life will come after death is not going to come from something that someone tells me but something that I find out for myself. It is the one thing that I have to wait for. As eager as I am to find out, I would rather be writing this now, than knowing the answer already. Have a little patience.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Domestic on the Dancefloor

Nightclubs have always been a place where people let go. People don't want to go to these places to talk, they want to let loose and have fun. After going out to one of the major nightclubs, and not being drunk enough to have a good time, I thought I would step back and have a look at what everyone else was doing. It's a rumour that you can have fun without being drunk, a false rumour. When everyone else around you is intoxicated then you need to be more loose than usual, and for people like me without alcohol I find this almost impossible.
When you actually step back and have a look at what everyone is wearing, you realise that as unique as they are trying to be, they all look the same. It can be like looking into a see of checked shirts and t-shirts with huge corporate logos strung across the middle like the people who wear them have been paid to advertise one of the supposed 'top' brands. If you actually think about it, all people want to do is fit in. Not many people want to stand out and would happily conform to how society expects them. As anti-social as this sounds, and probably not very revolutionary, being sober emphasises this culture and this way of thinking really interests me. Most people probably don't even realise that they are thinking in this way.
In the club you start to realise that you can only stay on the moist dance floor for a certain amount of time. The sweat and heat starts to get to the point where you have just have to leave to the nice fresh smoky air outside. You are surrounded by drunken people, mostly men, swaying around and knocking into you. Inevitably this causes fights to break out and a select few being escorted from the club. Midnight hits and everyone is now worse than before. Three hours are left and the bars are getting busier as people start to fear there might be a chance of them coming round from their drunken state.
As I walk around now I look to avoid eye contact, just so I don't get the 'What are you looking at' from some yob trying to act like the hardest guy in the club. After a while that trait is exasperated with even more alcohol. People walk around making sure everyone else moves out the way for them. The simple pathetic nature of this actually brings out the point that on the outside they are probably the lowest of low. Going to nightclubs and on night outs simply to have an ego trip is desperate.
As I get bored of dancing I go and stand around the entrance where I bump into my friend who is texting his ex-girlfriend how much he loves her. Alcohol brings out the emotion in people and prevents them from thinking rationally. A drunk man's words are an honest man's thoughts they say. This is the second 'relationship' incident I had seen after seeing my other friend have a domestic on the dance floor with his girlfriend. I wasn't sure what they were arguing about but him trying to 'get on' everything with a pulse probably didn't help. They didn't see each other again for the rest of the night and I'm still none the wiser this morning to how it ended. Shocking as it may seem when I was leaving in the taxi later on another one of my friends girlfriends was seen going down an ally with someone else. Love, pleasure and violence are what these places harbour. They are made to please the majority trying to provide something for everyone. People think that in these places their actions don't have consequences. If only that were true.
As I was stood at the entrance making notes, like the pathetic looser I would be considered as, a girl bumps into me and spills her drink all over my iPhone. Luckily it all comes off and she refuses to notice that the situation even happens. A few minutes later another girl stood next to me stumbles over into a cardboard cut-out, charming. It's also at this point I realise that the girl for me probably isn't going to be at one of these places.
As I walk back in there is a guy dancing with what can only be described as a champagne bucket full of vodka and energy drink (yes the drink is called energy drink, it's cheap) on his head is swiftly kicked out by the bouncers. The manager stands around judging everyone in there. Everyone is allowed to have fun of course but only to an extent. When he feels they have gone too far, he radios his squad to take them away like the scum they are. It is ironic how they encourage people to get into this state and when they get there they choose to disown them, shoving all responsibility on to the public and the police.
As the night gets to an end everyone starts to leave. One person is being carried out by two of his friends. People are queuing up to get their jackets from the cloak room to avoid the coldness of the snow, being Christmas. As I leave and hop in the taxi with a few other people going my way, we decide to take a detour through Mcdonalds drive through to get something to eat. It was a good idea because we managed to get out fast by making our order on the phone before we got there.
The nightclub owners, after everyone has left, are now set with the task and cleaning up making sure everything is perfect for the next busy night. Their responsibility is over once everyone has left. The drunken states of people collapsing on the streets looking for taxis home is now the plebs own problem. What right do they have after being expected to drink that much that someone else should have to look after them. The worst bit is the people who think they had the best time are always the ones that don't remember it. I'm sure they'll be back next week for more merry banter. As for me I'm sure I will go back there again. I will just have to make sure I'm fucked enough to cope.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Fuck! Does it Offend You? Yeah

The 'Wall of Fuck' by Tim Edwards

The word 'Fuck' has always fascinated me. The word is offensive to many people who will always frown when the word is said. The impact of this word on some people is mind boggling. How can four letters offend? Obviously it isn't the word but what it stands for. I feel it is the way people use the word rather than what the word actually means that creates this taboo around the word.
The word 'Fuck' is mostly known for having sex with someone. Not that I need to use it in sentence but for example 'I was fucking your mum hardcore last night in your bed, and when I was done I then fucked off '. This sentence has either two reactions on people. You will either think that is disgraceful or possibly funny. I am going against the average flow of society and being so over the top and unnecessary it makes it funny, quite like my piece above
The people that will probably enjoy this article are those like me. The people who swear when they want and don't really give a shit about what people think. I have always found the reaction to the word fuck a very interesting one. This word can be used to bring out some deep emotion. When the word is not being said, over and over again and is used on a one off, the emotional impact it has is breathtaking. I still am affected when I hear this word used by people who I don't expect to use it. It is strange how this word can be used to describe anger as well as pleasure.
Most swear words are seen to be used for people who have a small vocabulary and can't describe things properly but words like this are very useful in a language. It is a very efficient word that can be used in so many situations. It can portray so many emotions that I don't understand why some people don't use the word more often.
The idea of the 'Wall of Fuck' came to me after a long night of watching art programs. These were specifically about art that represents things rather than what they actually are. For an experiment I put this picture as my phone background just to see how people would react to it. Whenever anyone would look at it there reaction would be completely different. My mother, surprisingly, was not very impressed. She glanced at it and immediately thought immaturity. For the people who looked at it more in depth they had a different conclusion. By looking at the picture it makes you say Fuck, over and over again to yourself meaning you could then work out what the word means to you. Most of my friends looked at it and thought I was odd. They assumed I have some hidden rage inside me and that I was a bit of a 'weirdo'. I have already discussed the word assume in my introduction to my blogger page so that should explain what I think of them.
For this experiment I would like to see how it makes you feel. The piece is over the top and possibly seen as unnecessary, quite like the word fuck. I hope to find more opinions on 'The Wall of Fuck' so if you could please comment what you think and what the word fuck means to you I would greatly appreciate it.
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What's Worse Than Being a Blogger?

Blogging is a strange process. Many people use it now to keep a track of their thoughts. A diary that they share with the whole world. The problems can occur when people start to think that other people care about what they say.
The problem facing bloggers is that most of the blogs made are not very interesting. I hope to evade this common problem by writing about subjects that I think people may actually be interested in. I hope not to delude myself by making things that are 'shit' so if you do honestly feel what I have done is awful then feel free to express yourself and don't hold back.
The real question here though, is what is worse than being a blogger. I can honestly say there are many things such as being a paedophile or a rapist but that's just a stupid answer that anyone could write. The thing worse than being a blogger is writing a blog that no one reads. As contradictory as it sounds that being a blogger is worse than being a blogger. It's how I feel. If you wish to express your thoughts and feelings to the world and someone else is expected to read them then you must write something worthwhile for people to read. When your write you must think to yourself, am I actually contributing something useful to society that other people may enjoy reading or want to benefit from. If the answer is yes then hopefully you are a confident blogger with a point to make. If you are not I would suggest you still keep blogging because that's how these sites make money and I don't want to start paying to use the site just yet.
Any how, to get people reading and grab some attention my next article will be called 'Fuck! Do I offend you? Yeah'. Controversial topics seem to grab peoples attention.


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