Tuesday, 22 December 2009

What's Worse Than Being a Blogger?

Blogging is a strange process. Many people use it now to keep a track of their thoughts. A diary that they share with the whole world. The problems can occur when people start to think that other people care about what they say.
The problem facing bloggers is that most of the blogs made are not very interesting. I hope to evade this common problem by writing about subjects that I think people may actually be interested in. I hope not to delude myself by making things that are 'shit' so if you do honestly feel what I have done is awful then feel free to express yourself and don't hold back.
The real question here though, is what is worse than being a blogger. I can honestly say there are many things such as being a paedophile or a rapist but that's just a stupid answer that anyone could write. The thing worse than being a blogger is writing a blog that no one reads. As contradictory as it sounds that being a blogger is worse than being a blogger. It's how I feel. If you wish to express your thoughts and feelings to the world and someone else is expected to read them then you must write something worthwhile for people to read. When your write you must think to yourself, am I actually contributing something useful to society that other people may enjoy reading or want to benefit from. If the answer is yes then hopefully you are a confident blogger with a point to make. If you are not I would suggest you still keep blogging because that's how these sites make money and I don't want to start paying to use the site just yet.
Any how, to get people reading and grab some attention my next article will be called 'Fuck! Do I offend you? Yeah'. Controversial topics seem to grab peoples attention.

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