Thursday, 31 December 2009

Never Talk to Strangers

Many of you may be aware of the website ''. If you don't then it's quite easy to explain. This site is for people who want to talk to random people. You are 'You', and the other person you speak to is the 'Stranger'.When I first heard of this site I was very interested in what people would say when they are supposedly, anonymous. After now spending a few good months on it, I have now come up with a conclusion.
The site is split up into three different types of people. There are 'Normal People', 'Horny People' and 'Trolls'.
Normal People
Normal people are people like me, kind of, who simply go on there to talk to people about things. I use it as a filter for the shit articles and the good articles. It isn't uncommon for me to go on there, just copy a load of text and see what the other person says. Many people just disconnect but some do give me some useful feedback. I guess strangers will have to do while I don't have an editor. If the articles do start to get worse don't blame me. Blame everyone on Omegle even the...
The Horny People
Horny people are what they sound. If you have noticed the quote on top of the page at the moment, which is 'The Internet, Where Women are Men and Children are Federal Agents', I honestly could not think of any better place where this applies. People will constantly ask you if you are horny. If you are, then you may be in luck but I would be careful. You don't want to make the mistake I made. Her name was Brian. You'll be glad to know it can be worth fighting through these people until you get to a normal person, or you can just go the other way. If you get   bored of being horny, then you can always join...
The Trolls
A troll is internet talk for a person who doesn't actually want to contribute anything interesting to the conversation. A troll will usually disrupt the conversation to the best of his or her ability. They will say things just to piss you off or possibly entertain. One I always appear to get is 'Wild Abra Appears'. Then there will be a sudden disconnect after the person says 'Abra Used Teleport'. They can be interesting and fun for a while but some of them do get old. It is good though when you get an interesting one. I usually respond with 'Dam You Troll' and they usually disconnect. Usually people who write the first line of a song and expect you to fill in the next line.
Speaking to strangers can have it's benefits. They are always there for you, however often let you down. It can be worth fighting through all the horny guys, it's only ever guys, to find someone who might be interesting to talk to. I forgot to mention the other groups such as the racists and the bots, but these are on the site a lot less than the other groups. If you aren't an interesting person then you could always resort to being a troll and help 'Wild Abra' appear into someone else's life.


  1. Also:

    - Horny guys pretending to be girls (easy to spot)
    - Foreigners who only pretend to speak english

    And yes, there are some actual girls.

  2. I should point out that when i chatted with you on omegle I started with a wild Abra appeared. And that became a long conversation about blogs.



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