Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Without the internet I honestly wouldn't know what to do with my time. I am a confessed addict, and spend around 10 hours a day searching the internet for interesting sites and news. The internet is now a tool I use in my everyday life. I could now probably be classed as an internet geek, which isn't cool.
The internet is very different from the real world. You don't speak to people eye to eye, unless you are using Skype, and it can be hard to distinguish fact from fiction. I learn most of my facts from the real world rather than the internet for this exact reason. I personally find speaking to people about a topic is far more insightful than reading about it. The truth at the moment is that not everyone knows how to use the internet as a tool, meaning that a lot of peoples thoughts and opinions are left unheard, or more unpublished. So this is where my job, as a blogger, comes in. I have discussions with people all the time, in the real world, so it is one of my main duties to help share this discussion with the rest of the world. As much as a home bound blogging freak  you may think I am, I do actually speak to people in the real world. My internet obsession only goes as far so I can research things, catch up on major news, play games, see what there is to do in my local area, catch up with friends, see pictures that my friends have taken, download music, watch TV, send my work to people, speak to random people, see what's on in the cinema, watch Youtube and blog to the rest of the world of course.
Computers have always interested me from a young age. Even so far as much at some point in the future I will probably depend on them for my very wage. Computers hopefully will be a reliable source of income since lots of people have them and lots of people don't know how to work them properly. It also helps that computers are not actually reliable themselves. Also with the internet being as great as it is I could actually make money on this very page by posting adverts on it. I hope to evade this at all costs for the time being and not become an internet hoar. Adverts will pollute my lovely layout I have set up and I only make money if people click on them. I never really click on them, unless of course there is a game on them which I do enjoy and think there should be more of those, so me posting them on here would be probably useless.
The internet as well as creating all these new jobs and opportunities for people like me, who wouldn't be asked to work on a newspaper if I was the last writer on earth, also start competing with other news sites and newspapers. I will be partially to blame. I have written reviews and news stories online completely for free. How are journalists, who are paid, meant to be able to keep up when every person with a keyboard can now get their stories published and read online for free? In a way this will be good. It will force newspapers and paid writers to up their quality to justify their salaries. Also because they are writing to a higher standard it will also force me to 'up my game' as I am now competing with the people at the top.
With more people now writing online more than ever, the quality bar is going have to raise. Now more people than ever have stopped reading long blogs and are now more interested in vlogs (video blogging). Vlogging is now the next big craze, and these people are becoming famous on Youtube. Is this going to start competing with television? The one thing that big production companies and newspapers have that I don't, and the majority of vloggers and bloggers, is money. This means they can write about far more interesting topics than me and produce a higher quality program, rather than a blog or a vlog. The next decade will be interesting to see what happens to journalism. Who will be the people who stand out from the crowd then? Or will television companies pick up on this cheap source of entertainment and make even more money? I will probably get lost in the crowd, unless I start to stand out as a blogger who is interesting. Who knows, I may have to start a vlog to compete with the rest of crew. For the moment however, writing is far more interesting than me talking. Lets hope the news doesn't become entirely opinion based (irony).


  1. very thoughtful. why do you love the internet though? ya didn't answer that one very clearly. sorry, maybe you did. i didn't read it word for word.

  2. Vlogging probably won't compete with tv anytime soon. I mean there are some high quality vloggers but it's all opinion based and not factual.

    The internet rocks



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