Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Simply the Best?

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What does it mean to be human? Why do us, as humans, seem to think ourselves higher than the existing world around us? What gives us the right to change things to our needs? To be human means that we have gained the gift of knowledge and self awareness. We are at the top because of our superior intelligence, meaning that no other living creature on earth can stop us. On this planet we are gods, and are able to shape it to our hearts desire. The only things stopping us are each other.
Evolution is a nice theory. It ties in everything together nicely and through decades of research has practically been proven. Now personally, I am no scientist and have not studied it in depth, but I reasonably believe that evolution is a very plausible theory to how humans became the top dog, or animal. Other people's attitudes at this point start to worry me. I appreciate that people are out to disprove science, and believe in other things, but are we actually in a position to be able to question these scientists.
The people who are going to question and quiz a scientist are the people who are not able to view all the facts, since their opinion is based on evidence. This means that without all the facts and research you cannot make an informed opinion thus making your opinion worthless. Philosophy is a nice easy way to look at things. It is true that some scientific theory may be able to be dis-proven by simple thought exercises, but when people have done years of research and testing, what gives us the right to tell them they're wrong without doing the work ourselves.
What I would personally like to see is a religious scientist. That sounds like a ridiculous term. We all know that science is based on fact and that religion is based on faith. Religion you cannot prove, and are expected to have belief regardless of what facts are out there to disprove it, but science you can disagree and still have your opinion be classed as valid. Personally I have never really liked being told what to believe, and going to a Catholic school probably made me go against faith completely.
I also have a problem about being told what to believe from scientists as well. It is up to them to prove to me why I should believe their theory. I only know that Great Britain is an island because I have been told it is. Personally I have not been round the entire coast so for certain I cannot say that it is an Island. For all I know, there might be a link to some other land. When told something our initial instinct should always be to question and criticise. If there is reasonable doubt then you must express your opinion. At this moment in time I believe that Great Britain is an Island because I have no reason to believe otherwise. I also cannot find a motive for people saying that it isn't an Island. How many people would actually be able to confirm this fact for me? Is there a motive behind getting people to believe religion?
So why do we think we are better than evolution? Why should humans be so special? What has given us the right to eternal life. We are the smartest species on the planet. We dominate every other species on the earth, but this self importance has made us cocky. We are the best but we are not gods. People who say they want to live forever simply want to be gods. We are humans. Most people are power hungry. Wouldn't it be convenient to say that we cannot die. We will always be around. If you look at our significance in the universe then we are so insignificant we cannot actually make a big impact at all, on that scale. Religion is an ego trip. People follow it because they think they are greater than they actually are, or otherwise in a delusion due to fear.
Why do people find it so hard to accept that we are not divine? Is it fear? Personally death to me is a frightening prospect. I don't know what will happen after death. Will that just be the end of me? How much I long for comfort knowing there is something else after death?However I do not go as far as to try and delude myself. If anything, proof that life will come after death is not going to come from something that someone tells me but something that I find out for myself. It is the one thing that I have to wait for. As eager as I am to find out, I would rather be writing this now, than knowing the answer already. Have a little patience.

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  1. You honestly don't know how much I agree with you. No, you really don't.

    AHH. I would love to go on a rampage about this at school if there were no consequences (ie. expulsion).



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